Who Am I?

I am in my early 20’s, and just like many, I am lost trying to figure this thing called adulthood out. I am recent college graduate with goals, aspirations and a very loose plan. I use to spend my days stressing the unknown. Then I asked myself, if you know everything, can you still keep the element of surprise? With no surprise, there is no excitement, with no excitement, are you really living? 


I don’t think my life is too interesting, however I have been told otherwise. I figured, a lot of us in the the start of adulthood phase are facing similar challenges, trials, and experiences. Why don’t we share them and our journey to get through them with each other? Are we selfish or are we just scared? Well I have decided no more secrets, lets take this journey through adulthood together.

Throughout this blog I hope to discuss school, traveling, finances, and accomplishments. Be open, share, comment, laugh and just enjoy the journey through adulthood.