How am I surviving working from home? I’m not….

By now, we are all tired of the phrase, “work form home”. I am even tired of seeing “WFH” as much as I am tired of the word, unprecedented.

I remember in early February, I was applying for jobs that were WFH, and I almost got an offer, but I received another one first. I could say, I lucked out. But guess what? I am still at home!

Working from home seems ideal until it becomes semi-permenant. My home was my safe haven from work, the place I could not wait to get to on that drive home. Food, couch, peace, etc. Now, I can’t wait to leave.

Finding temporary peace

How am I managing you ask? Well, how am I trying to manage.

  1. I picked up yoga early this year
  2. I got used to in-home workouts
  3. I started a book list (shhh I haven’t bought any of the books yet)
  4. I started drinking more wine (coping mechanism)
  5. I redecorate regularly
  6. I cook a lot more.

Do these things help? Ehh, temporarily. I am in shape, I am more flexible, I do eat healthier, save money on food (that now goes to wine), but then I get tired of being home again. What’s even worse, we can barely use the outside.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a level of peace and freedom you get from being home. I am grateful for this peace, but DISRUPT my peace, PLEASE!

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