“Dream Job” haha. Don’t Lower Your Standard because They Lowered Theirs.

Long title, huh? I know. I have been gone for a while now, but I am back, and I think I am here to stay. While I was gone, I thought it was for good reason, until now. I lost the energy for this, for reading, for picking up on my Spanish. I said it’s okay, I am in my “Dream Job”.

Tip 1: Never excuse losing yourself and your hobbies. 

I found a job I loved waking up to. I was FINALLY in my field. I was early to work every day, late out most days, not because I wanted to stand out, but because I loved what I did. I worked hard, I helped every time I had the chance, I took on tasks and finished them more time than expected. I did EVERYTHING right. I exceeded! Was that enough? I should’ve known, I ignored the signs. Red flag ignored.


Tip 2: Like a relationship, if it starts toxic, it’ll end toxic. 

Being young, and naive is a thing. Remember your first few real relationships. Yeah, this was that. I was the side chick for months, who finally got upgraded to the main chick status, but not all the benefits of the main. Red flag ignored. But, I was led on and believed that in a few months, I will be okay. Hahahahahaha! I learned you can do everything right and still, be done wrong. In your lifetime, you will be used and spread thin by employers who have the upperhand over you because they can and you allow them to have that ability. Don’t allow them to have that ability. (SN: I turned down two relationships for this one. GOOFY!)


Tip 3: Don’t let the way businesses handle things, lower your standards on how you handle business. 

Why do you give two weeks notice when they won’t do the same for you. Because you are respectful and would never change your values because someone else does not share them. CYA, that’s the mentality. They care about you until it becomes about them. So guess what you need to do? CYA and don’t be loyal to those who won’t and don’t show you loyalty.

If you’ve been comprehending, you can probably sense that I got fired. Was it my fault? No, the business is just in a current fail stage and I was at the hand of the master. After being let go, in my free time I finally finished, The Alchemist. It took 2 sittings and 6 months to finish that book, I told you my energy was drained. I believe I was meant to finish this book at this moment because it spoke to me.

I was in a toxic relationship and did not see the signs. I was underpaid, under covered, spent 2 hours of my workday commuting, lost energy for my hobbies and lost energy for my outside work. The book told me that I went through this because I needed to see the signs before I let it happen when it mattered. I was sad on day one, I am writing this on day 2 to say, I am content. I didn’t get let go  from my dream job, I got let go to pursue my dream. I go let go to be given my worth. I got let go to find my passion. I got let go to see success, not failure.


Everything is a needed experience and has value. The value I got from that was knowing my next move, meeting my coworker who is amazing people, learning how people handle business and learning how to avoid toxic relationships.


I still have standards, they don’t! 🙂 haha

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