Most Hated Interview Questions

Hi All!

So no one knows job interviews like us young adults in 2019. We hop jobs like its hopscotch. There are some interview questions we all dread. My biggest pet peeve in interviews is when they are so scripted! You may have already answered a question on the script early on, but because it is a script, the interviewer will still ask and you must repeat yourself.

I will share my most hated interview questions and why.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    • This question is extremely dreadful. Once you become an adult and reality hits you, can you even answer where you see yourself in 6 months? Five years ago, I saw myself in Europe working for an International company doing marketing. A lot has changed. A year ago, in one year, I saw myself in a large ad agency in Chicago. Today, I am in Arizona. 5 years from now, I see myself heading a department, out of debt, and reaching my level of success. But do you really tell an interviewer that you see yourself surpassing the position you are applying for???
  2. Why are you looking to leave your current position?
    • This question, interviewers rarely want the real answer. What if the real answer is because you were undervalued as a woman, you faced discriminatory practices, you were undermined by management and always dismissed. A recruiter once told me, never give the real answer. So I responded, “so you lie?” Instead, you tell them you are looking to grow and ready for a new opportunity that will allow you to reach your desired level of growth. Maybe that’s the truth for you, but when it is not, you still can’t be completely  honest if it is not positive.
  3.  What do you know about our company?
    person people woman hand
    • I should have put this question first. It stresses me out! This question easily turns me away from the company. Isn’t that the purpose of the interview? Are we not here to get to know each other. Interviewers forget that the interview is for both the prospect and the company. What do I know? I know what I saw on the site and the description of the position, which is why I applied. I am here to learn more. What if you ask them, “What do you know about me from reading my resume?”
  4. If we asked your last superior, what would they say about your work ethic?
    • The reason I strongly dislike this question is because it is really asking you what you would say about you. I think they should just ask, what would you say about your work ethic from your past position. Because you will never speak down on yourself in an interview. Sometimes you’ll tell them what your superior would say you can improve upon, but you would never speak down. This question is asked to entice a scripted answer.

What these questions have in common is that they are drafted to have a specific response. Interviews should not be that way. They should be about truly getting to know each other, the position, and the company. Interviewers that have basic conversations with you, see the best in a candidate than those who have a scripted conversation.

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