In your 20’s are you rich or broke? Both relative terms.

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Short Read

In our 20’s we are learning managing our money for paying bills, loans, expenses and still trying to go out and have fun.

We all have that one vacation we know we can’t afford, but we still go. We get that one invite out, knowing it’s not in the budget, but we still go. My outlook on rich is, if you know you can’t afford it, you know its not in the budget, but your bills will still be paid and you have food in the fridge, you’re not broke or poor.

But are you rich?

That depends. What is rich?

Webster says, “having abundant possessions and especially material wealth”. says, “having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy:”

You had abundant resources to somehow go out or go on that vacation. You’re rich. Maybe your abundance is nothing compared to the abundance of others, but why are we comparing.

STOP COMPARING! We are programmed to measure success on a scale of comparison. With that mentality, you will never be rich. You will always be in the state of broke. Broken mentality, physically, and monetarily. Start looking at yourself as rich and watch the growth.

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