Stop Waiting on Next…Find it

Moving across the country after years of being in a beautiful city can be scary. Many people will question, judge, and try to convince you otherwise. Why did I do it? Great question.

buildings near body of water
Photo by Alex Powell on

At 22, of course I know nothing in my life is set and stone figured out. But that, THAT statement right there, is why I left. I was miserable at my job, I struggled extremely hard to find a new one. Countless job applications, over 100, no interviews, and a job I hated doing. Big city life is not what it seems. People kept telling me, it’s okay, you’re still young, stick it out for a year and gain some more experience.

Do people realize the phrase, “stick it out” is toxic. I could not stick it out and in terms of experience, I was not gaining nay experience in the field I wanted to be in. I would have professional work experience, but non-field related. This entire, gain experience thing is a joke. How about you find someone who will pay you to gain the experience you need. Which is what I did!

I had to move, leave everything I knew, but I was ready to do that. I wanted to go somewhere with more opportunity, gain experience and learn myself a little more. The older generation will say I am moving to fast for my own good. But I will say, I am taking risk that many of them didn’t dare to take.

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