Career Goals, Romantic Relationships, and Choices

As a young adult, we put ourselves in tough situations when it comes to making decisions that are best us and our relationships. Often times we are told to put ourselves before our relationships and don’t let love dictate your journey. Also, we are often told stick with love and don’t ruin something great Choose.jpgbeing selfish. I disagree with both.

Don’t sacrifice love for your career and life goals, but don’t sacrifice your career and life goals for love. You don’t have to choose. You’re probably thinking, “what is she talking about??” Just hear me out.

We as young adults should try to understand ourselves, our goals and our priorities before making decisions.

“Meant to be” does not only apply to love.

Do we know what is meant to be in our relationship? No. Do we know what is meant to be for our future careers? No. What we do know is our hearts and our minds and we follow them. Avoid letting one cloud your judgement on the other but make the choice that is best for both and you.



If you find yourself trying to change someone to benefit your priorities and goals, reflect on the possible outcomes. You cannot change someone in a relationship, however, you can be the motivation for changes they make in themselves. Let’s not sacrifice our career and life goals trying to change someone we love. Don’t love the person you WANT someone to be more than you love the person you want to be.


Careers and Life Goals


Understand, life goals and careers are not the main priority, your happiness and success are your priorities, and the choices you make in those categories get you there. Success does not have to be measured monetarily. It is what you measure it as. Achieving your career and life goals are important. You worked all your life you to this point to figure out what you wanted out of it. Letting love change that can sometime hurt you in the end.

I believe happiness and success is important, I also believe love is important. Therefore, I would never choose one over the other, but I would find a way to make them both work. In order for that to be possible, sacrifices will have to be made for both the relationship and life goals, and that is okay.  You will find it to be better than the sacrifice of completely giving up one for the other.

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