Stop Letting this Generation Dictate How You Use Social Media in Your Relationship

My generation, being heavy social media users, think they have this topic to a science. Some people will post every single aspect of their relationship on social media. Some people will post nothing about their relationship on social media. Who’s wrong?

Often, you may hear or even say, “They must be cheating on each other”, “they must have problems”, or “they are trying to keep each other a secret.” Maybe they don’t want others finding something to judge, maybe they don’t care to share, maybe they don’t want others causing unnecessary messes, maybe they just want the phots to be for them.

Image result for social mediaIt is okay to not broadcast your significant other all over social media. Maybe that’s just not for you, what other people say, should not matter. You aren’t trying to please them. I don’t think my generation being labelled as the social media generation is a bad thing. Humanity changes as technology changes. However, I do think that our “rules” and expectations we create surrounding social media are ridiculous.


Who are you to tell someone they should post their S/O more. Why????? Relationships lasted before social media, so they can still last without using it. This generation is quick to tell others to worry about themselves, but then go worry about others.

Why does a relationship HAVE to be on social media? It is okay to post, it is okay not to post. People are going out of their way and comfort zone, posting their relationships to please their friends and social “norms”, but they shouldn’t matter on the topic of YOUR relationship. Do what’s comfortable for you in your relationship.

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