Yes, it’s okay live with your parents after you graduate!

It’s crazy, the assumption that if you move back in with your parents after graduating college, you don’t have your life together. Who even made that a thing? Why are others concerned about the path taken by people who are strangers to them.



If you are thinking about living with your parents or are currently living with your parents, IT IS OKAY. Everyone’s journey is different. We don’t all get a job right out of college, we don’t all have a bountiful savings, and we are all not debt free.


One cannot assume that someone’s parents supported them financially throughout college. If YOU choose to be $80,000 in debt and immediately get your own apartment, go for it!

Image result for asking all them questions meme

One cannot assume that someone is living off of their parents just because they are living with them. Maybe you support your parents, maybe you are trying to save money to be financially stable before you get your own place, or maybe you are just minding your business.

One cannot assume that because someone doesn’t have a job immediately after graduating, they are not trying. The market is challenging, competitive, and some people have to find how to move with it.

Do not listen to the folks minding your business, let them take their path and you take yours. They are not better because they immediately were able to get right to it, and you are not less because you can’t. You will get there, just on your own path.


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