Festive Saturday

I went to the museum! The Biomuseo. I am not the type who like anything sciency, yes its a word, but this museum was nice. I was intrigued and it kept my attention. Panamanians are the nicest group I have ever met. I have been saying that since I have been here and everyone keeps reinforcing that.

Panama is gorgeous

After the museum, I got to enjoy the beautiful scenic view of Panama from a different side. But I win’t bore you with museum talk. Last night, I got in the house at 5AM. Yes, 5AM. That is not me. I had fun, however it was over stayed.

We went to my roomate’s cowoker’s friend’s, kickback. Got it? Anyway everyone there was so nice and friendly, I have never met a more hospitable group. (Panama) They all spoke Spanish, English, and some a third language. They were international college students who are from other countries, but lived in Panama for a bit (high school) so summer break from school they all regroup here. So I was enjoying myself needless to say. We talked, argued about music, played a few games.

We argued about 6ix9ine. I am honestly tired of hearing about this man, male/female differences, and a lot of other things. It was a social. I enjoyed myself and enjoyed meeting new people. But, when it was time to go, it was time to go. They don’t know how to leave. We started the leaving process at 3:30AM, but I’m not sure what is wrong with these people. It’s ridiculous.

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