A Country Shut Down

If you’ve read my other postings, you know that Panama has a lot of traffic. Well, not today. There is almost no one outside. This may have been the most peaceful walk to work. I never told you how Panama took soccer. When Went to the game, it was crazy. The most enthused crowd I have ever seen.


Well today marks the first game in the World Cup, no one is working. I am at work, no one is working. They are all gathered watching the game. Anywhere you walk, you will hear a TV and the obnoxiously loud announcer, even outside. Other jobs got pushed back to start at 1pm just to watch the game.

Does business really stop because of a game? Yup, in Panama it does. I guess I did not get the, “wear your jersey to work” memo either. The had fireworks at 10AM. I thought it was the start of a war while I am abroad. Then I realized, oh the game is today. Fireworks at 10? No one saw anything.  I am currently writing this blog at work, because again, no one is working. I am in my office and I hear nothing but screaming.


The building just shook!



This country goes crazy for fútbol.

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