On Serious Note

Today at work, I did not work. There was an event and a part of that event a lady presented her book.

This book, though I have not read it, gave me great insight on how I want to give back. The book is called Poverty Is a Person. I decided when I start making money, I will put my tithes in an account and give to two families in the Caribbean at the end of the year. So yes, that means I will travel to the Caribbean yearly. Hopefully.

Anyway, the food at this event! I had some good rice! It was amazing. I am not sure what these Latin American countries do to their rice, but I will learn. Then there was some sweet caramelized something. I am going to assume it was a plantain, because they eat those often here, but fried. Fried patacones is what they usually eat. But this, it was soft, sweet, and had some caramelized sweet  syrup on it. Surprisingly, it was a side, not a dessert. Oh, I had chicken to. But the rice and the sweet something was worth mentioning.

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