Next Step: Grad School? Maybe.

One of the common questions for early 20’s adults. I have been asked by numerous people if I plan on going to grad school? To answer your question, yes.

See personally, I love education and learning. However, school? Nah. I dislike the concept of exams and quizzes. Don’t question me on the memorization of the concepts you taught in class, test me on the application of the concepts with projects or whatever is relevant to the class, but not every single college course requires test.

Anyway, I am getting off topic. I am not immediately going to grad school, and I am okay with that. People keep saying, “don’t expect to find a good job”, “do you think you will find something in your field?”, “why not just keep going instead of waiting?” “keep the momentum”.

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboardThe momentum was gone when I walked across the stage. I am not even sure what I even want my Masters degree to be. I do think I can find a good job, actually, a lot of MBA programs want professional work experience, and finally, graduate school is not for everyone.

I want to go back because I want to further my education and my end goal is corporate law. However, right now, I want to work, I want a break from school, I want a break from DEBT. I want to be able to pay some loans, get settled in my life before I accumulate more debt. I want to figure out what I want my degree in. Sheesh! Let us live!

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