Commonly Asked Questions to Us Beginner Adults

As beginner adults, we are asked multiple questions. These questions come from family, friends, and foes. They are either concerned, genuinely interested, nosey, hating, judging or just making conversation.

  • What are your plans after graduation?
    • This question I can personally speak to. The haters don’t want to see you succeed so the ask out of jealously or spite. Everyone else, just be prepared for a long conversation after your answer because your answer will not be good enough. My answer was, “My current plans is just trying to make it to graduation.” Some people need time.
  • Do you have a boyfriend?
    • This is a trick question. The nosey and judging folks want to know if you are having sex, if you are distracted, or just who he is. Family kind of wants to know the same.
  • Are you working?
    • No one wants to be asked this question. Family, may want to give you money so usually answer. Genuinely interested may want advice.  But anyone else, why do you care how my pockets move? Some people may not be working and this is a tough topic for them.
  • Do you plan on going to grad school?
    • This question bothersome no matter who ask. Especially to the new grads. Can we get a second to breathe after we graduate before you talk to me about school. New grads have been having the school conversation their ENTIRE life. This is the one time we think we have to look forward to not talking about it.
  • Do you want kids?
    • Kids! If we don’t have them most of us ain’t thinking about kids. Gone!
  • Are you in school?
    • Finally, school is not for everyone. Some people get judged for their answer to this question being no. Those who aren’t in school, do not like being asked this, because usually people are ready to lecture them about school. They have more than likely been hearing it for some time now, they don’t want it continuously.

Universal Answer: “Mind Yo Business”  

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