Instinct Never Fails

This weekend we took trip to the big Island, also known as Isla Grande. Let me start with the original plan before I get to the point.

Isla Grande was not tooooooo Grande

Plan: Go to Colon, an hour away, for a day trip, go to a beach, chill and come back. $70 trip . (I rounded up by the way) Simple.

Change of Plans:Let’s stay overnight.

New Plan: Let them stay overnight, I travel back by myself.

Change of Plans: We aren’t actually going where we said we were going, I’d be an hour and a half away form a bus stop with no way to the bus stop until the man came back Sunday.

Instinct: Don’t go. You have work to do, you hate staying over night, and you don’t trust you will be back early Sunday.

Actual: Bamboozled. Paid more than discussed, got home at 7pm on Sunday, didn’t eat till 9pm on Sunday, got rained on, waited on a ride for 5 hours and was on bus for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Beach was squirming with mosquitoes, cloudy, (Rain Season), ants, and flies.

Nicest part of the trip, the church with Black Jesus

We take a 40 minute bus ride to a place 15 mins from Colon, Sabinitas. I then find, we aren’t going to Colon, we are going to an Island an hour and a half a way, with a connection my roommate met. You read the driving blog about Panama, well this was worse. This man, on these long narrow roads wanted to give us whiplash and death. Needless to say I was terrified. He made a stop along the way to a church to put a candle by Cristo Negro “Black Jesus”.  This was obviously an informal trip, but that was okay.

The Island however wasn’t. I came out of more money than I planned because EVERYTHING cost. The ride was extra, (wasn’t discussed) transportation to the other side of the island was extra (said it was included), and no food provided (told otherwise).

They people I was with, (Male 21, Female 19, Female 21) were so sold on “waking up on a beach and getting tanned!” That they over-hyped the situation. The banana boating and chilling was fun, but you get over it. Fun expired. I was ready to go by 4pm that day. After we got to little two bed quarters we had NOTHING to do all night from 4:30pm until. Waste of an over night. I woke up and left to sit on the “beach” for two hours because they were sleeping with the air on 66. Absolutely not. My roommate, the male, didn’t text our transport until 1 because they wanted to “beach”. Didn’t know that was a verb.

Transport didn’t get there until 5:15pm!!!! Took us to the bus stop and a 40 min ride lasted almost two hours.

Bus stop. Wasn’t the best area to travel alone to.

Needless to say, I did not enjoy myself. When I go to a beach, I like to relax and be comfortable. Neither applied. I got bit up, I slept in a 66 degree air controlled room, I had no food, there was no sun, I got wiped out on a banana boat 3 times, and all I could think about was the work I will not be getting done.

Lesson: Have a plan B, don’t fall into peer pressure, be Black, and follow your instinct.

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