Uber, Taxi, Traffic, & Adrenaline

I could give you tips like,

  • The Metro is the better option during work hours
  • The Metro will help you avoid the terrible Panamanian traffic
  • Uber rides aren’t the most relaxing

But I won’t. I use Uber, so who am I to be a hypocrite. If you don’t like traffic, adrenalines rushes, flooded streets, and aggressive driving, the Panama traffic is not for you, use the train. Actually, you won’t be able to cross the street if you don’t like those things; Panama is not for you.

I walk to work but I Uber everywhere else. Yes, I have tried the Metro. No, I don’t like it. It is clean, it is fast, it is hot, it is crowded, it is not for me. Uber is life. Taxis are the next best thing. If you do not see a dent in the car of your Uber driver or taxi driver, DO NOT GET IN. No dent means, safe driver. You do not want a safe driver out here. If they are a safe driver, then you are not safe.

A safe driver means, the either haven’t been out here long enough, haven’t driven here long enough, or you will be in the car for an hour and a half for a 15 minute ride. Dents mean they can work the road, you may panic, if they don’t panic, then you should be safe. One instance, I thought I would die the Uber driver did panic. We were sailing in the car across the flooded streets and he thought the best option was to speed sail through at the same time a pick up truck thought so too. BUT, I am here writing about it!

Uber is cheap, the most I spent on an Uber was $4.17 for a 3 mile trip. Taxis are cheap, just ask the price beforehand. “Cuantos?” (I’ll figure the upside question mark out eventually.) Taxis tend to have been a dollar more or less than an Uber, so always ask.

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