Groceries Break the Bank

I mentioned how everything here in Panama is relatively cheap. Until you go to get groceries. I never hated eating so much. How much groceries and necessities  are, I wish the body didn’t NEED food and moisturizer. But, I can’t starve myself. I have to eat and can’t be out here with ashy knees.

This 1 Balboa is a souvenir, reminding me, I can’t do anything with it.s.

When I first arrived here, I went to the grocery store down the street from my apartment. I spent $90 and I was able to carry everything two block with little to no problem. No one should ever be able to do that. A 4-pack of my favorite chicken sausage was $7.99. Guess what? I still don’t have chicken sausage. I blame the U.S. Imports should not cost that much. Even the off brand EVERYTHING was still expensive. Because I work by the store, and because I didn’t everything I needed, I kept dipping in there. Yes, I have been here two and a half weeks and still do not have everything I need from the grocery store and I probably spent almost $200 by now.


Recently, I went to a more local type grocery store, not an American one. Glad you asked, yes, it was cheaper. I decided, the Uber was only $2, so I might as well take the trip.  However, it was still expensive. I had literally nothing, and spent $60. A little bottle of lotion cost me $5, so this little bottle will be lasting 2 months. Only the essentials will be moisturized.


Compare to the travel size bottle of Vaseline. $5 bottle, thats a meal here!

What have I learned? Eating out every day is only expensive in the U.S., it’s survival everywhere else.

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