Welcome to Adulthood

“Hello Adulthood!” Said no one, ever. Adulthood was not welcoming to me, so I refused to be welcoming to it. When I turned 21, I just knew I was an adult. Still in college, still depleting my savings because I quit my job, but I am a legal adult.  I even kicked it off in Jamaica. Again, spending money.

As I approach 21 for the second time, I wish I would have saved. After graduation, before leaving for my internship, adulthood kicked me in the face. I am tired of typing adulthood, lets call her Amy.

When I first met Amy, (21) I thought she was friendly with a few flaws. She always needed money, sometimes she would need it at the worst times, she would try to make me starve if I didn’t give her money for groceries, but she did allow me to buy a bottle of wine during times of stress, and she did let me hang out in the over 21 places, so she had her good and bad qualities.

However, in March is when Amy started to become a pain. She gave me car troubles, and she was so timely with the car troubles. Amy would wait until I filled my tank up to give me a problem. That’s when I learned she was sneaky. Amy also made me pay for a stupid outfit that I would only wear one time and that was when I walked across the stage. The outfit already cost $80,000, but I guess that was just a down payment. Oh, she also made me pay her to walk the stage.

Yeah, Amy did that.

Amy caused me to lose my car in the long run, that is when I hated her. But I am starting to learn to embrace Amy, because she is that associate (you can call her friend) that you don’t like to have at every event, but it’s good conversations when you need her most.

So so far, as I approach 21 for the second time and I am getting to know more about Amy, I have learned 5 things about her.





Amy is…

  1. Sneaky
  2. Greedy
  3. Always hungry
  4. Unemployed (because she always needs something)
  5. Complicated

Haha, that list makes Amy look like a baby and I’m the adult. I think I dislike Amy because I want to be her. Take me back!

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